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Aromatherapy has its origins in antiquity but the interest in it expanded in 1910 when Gattefossé, a French chemist, burnt his hand in a laboratory accident and successfully attended to his hand with lavender oil.

Aromatherapy is a relaxing and uplifting full body massage with a fragrant oil. The massage oil consists of individually chosen and carefully blended essential oils which are added to a carrier oil. Essential oils are extracted from plant materials and contain the essence or scent of the plant eg. lavender or rosemary. They have certain properties that can have an effect on the body and mind. As an example, lavender oil is said to have relaxing properties and can be used to calm and relax. The fragrance of the oil, which you smell during a session, and the oil itself, massaged into the skin, helps you to relax.

An aromatherapy session takes place on a massage table in a quiet environment. You need to undress though underwear is kept on and towels are used to cover the body. A session is tailored to the individual's needs by asking some pertinent questions regarding lifestyle and general health beforehand.

Come and relax with the fragrance and massage!

Photo: Ron Clark
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