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Shiatsu (acupressure / finger pressure), a traditional hands-on therapy originally from Japan, is a natural system of energetic touch to support health and well-being. Modern shiatsu is a holistic therapy that is rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and based on the idea that vital energy (Qi) flows through channels (meridians) in the body. Qi is vital to the healthy functioning of every part of our body. Sometimes due to our lifestyle and choices, this energy could become stagnant or lacking, and eventually this could lead to dis-ease.

By applying pressure via fingers, palms, elbows and knees to these channels, as well as stretching and manipulating the body, shiatsu assists you in maintaining a healthy body and promoting a balanced energy flow in your own body. Shiatsu is often used as a preventative therapy, but it can also aid in the relief of muscle tension and more specific ailments. Shiatsu is also a way of learning more about your own body and often about yourself and your emotions. This allows you to improve your own understanding of self, balance and health.

A shiatsu session takes place on a shiatsu mat / futon on the floor in a quiet environment. You will remain fully clothed during the session. A session is tailored to the individual's needs by asking some pertinent questions regarding lifestyle and general health beforehand.

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Photo: Ron Clark
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